Partnership with Texas Presbyterian Foundation

Texas Presbyterian Foundation and Grace Commons Foundation: Partnering to Serve God’s Kingdom, Together

Texas Presbyterian Foundation (TPF) works closely with Grace Commons Foundation to serve God’s Kingdom and advance the Gospel and work of Jesus Christ. As a non-profit, faith-based investment firm, TPF exists to enable and expand mission. Leveraging their 90-year history, TPF provides a wide range of charitable financial services, including expert fund management, philanthropic planning and ongoing education. Our partnership with them ensures that our donors have a trusted partner dedicated to supporting Grace Commons Foundation as we continue to embody our mission and vision. 

But What Makes TPF so Special?

    Their beliefs impact everything they do. TPF believes that they can make a difference in people’s lives by supporting the mission and ministry of their partners. In the same way that Grace Commons Foundation strives to grow the Christian faith through the purposeful generosity of God’s people, TPF believes that Christian generosity and philanthropy allow us to serve others and create a meaningful sense of fulfillment. Additionally, TPF believes that we can accomplish more together than individually. And, they believe in nurturing long-term relationships to impact future generations. 
    TPF can do more for less. As a service agency, TPF does not charge a fee, as such. Rather, their services are provided on a cost sharing basis without mark-up. They are powered by their own Trustees’ Endowment Fund which allows them to offset all operating expenses. All other expenses including overhead costs and fees paid to third-party investment managers, custodians and consultants, are charged directly to the pooled investment portfolios. 
    They don’t want you to be just satisfied, they want you to be delighted. TPF is resolutely focused on providing the highest level of quality customer service. This includes purposeful, reciprocal communication with their partners, customized educational solutions and carefully nurtured relationships. When you call during working hours, your call will be answered by a live person. When you email, you can expect a timely response. Their service is designed for everyone. No partner is too big or too small. In fact, it only takes $100 to open an investment account at TPF.
    TPF’s active investment philosophy creates maximum value. They take the approach of a long-term strategic investor. TPF strategically developed a suite of Pooled Investment Funds to create maximum value for our partners. It is their belief this added value is achieved through active management. Together we know that the advantages of active management become apparent during periods of high volatility. 
    TPF has more than $1.3 Billion in assets under management. They work with churches and nonprofits all over the U.S. Texas might be in their name, but their reach is wide. With approximately 500 partners, TPF works to enable and expand its mission in more than 30 states.

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