What We Do

Our purpose is to extend the hand of Christ to others.​
Since 2009 we have contributed over $250,000 in grants.

“With the grant from Grace Commons Foundation, we were able to purchase
refrigerators that enabled us to triple the distribution of milk to food bank recipients
each week. This has helped us to further our mission to reach out with compassion
and meet the basic needs of individuals and families.”
—Marcia-Sue Brubaker, Wellspring Storehouse
Vinelife Church

“We recently launched a 21-century preschool and the grant from Grace Commons Foundation allowed us to build the spiritual discovery aspect of the preschool. We used the funds to purchase Christian curriculum materials used in the
classroom each week, lesson supplies, kids worship music, Bible boxes for each
classroom, and family devotional tools for home. God is working in kids lives and
the preschool faculty’s lives!

Each week when I visit the classroom, I enter singing this song, to queue the kids:
“Hallelu, hallelu, hallelu, hallelujah...praise ye the Lord!” The 2.5-3 years olds for the
first few weeks would just stare at me as I entered singing. But by the fourth week,
as I entered the room, before I could even start singing, one sweet child greeted
me at the door and started shouting with exuberance...”Yu-ya! Yu-Ya!” This was her
way of shouting Hallelujah! It is such a small thing...but meant so much, as it is an
indication of seeds being planted in the hearts of these young disciples.”
—Director of Children and Family Ministry
Grace Commons Church

“Thank you for our recent grant! With your support we held successful Kids Night
Out events where we were able to host a total of 51 foster kids. It was during these
evenings that our kids had opportunities to participate in skill-building activities
and to enjoy a hot meal and entertainment. During these events, our volunteers
spend intentional time with each child and share how truly loved and special they
are in God’s eyes.”
—Walter Boner, Volunteer Camp for Change Kids Night Out

“Our partnership with both Grace Commons Church and Foundation benefits
our clients. With the grant from the Foundation, we supported grab n’ go meals
for our Community Table Dinners. The location, the parking lot of the Deacon’s
Closet, provides well-known and easy access. In 2021 we served over 6,000 meals
to 890 unique individuals, 640 of whom attended for the first time. Only through
collaborations such as these can we pursue our goal of serving the homeless and
food insecure individuals in Boulder.”
—Scott Medina, Director of Community Relations
Bridge House

“We were able to hire, train, and, most importantly, disciple two college student
interns for ministry year 2021-2022. We can confidently say that both gentlemen
who served in these positions grew in their discipleship, ministry as vocation
exploration, and made a significant impact in reaching more students for Christ in
Boulder Country. One of the interns who served in this role said this experience
was ‘hands down the most impactful discipleship experience’ he has had in his
many years at Grace Commons. With confidence I can say that the grant and
resulting internship allowed both young men to grow in their leadership as well
confidence in sharing the gospel.”
—Director of Student and Family Ministry
Grace Commons Church

“As we have navigated the trials of COVID, especially in the Boulder County area,
creating an opportunity for fellowship has been a huge desire of ours. With the
grant awarded by Grace Commons Foundation, we were able to create and host a retreat for coaches in the Boulder and North Jeffco areas. We were able to share a
different perspective on coaching, which helped them to consider what it means to
be a transformational coach, not just a transactional.

One coach came to me afterwards, saying that this retreat was a huge catalyst for
him to prioritize the Kingdom in his coaching, not just value the wins and losses.
When he focuses on the Kingdom, transformation happens. If he focuses on wins, transactions happen.”
—Kyle Mack, Jefferson County Area Director
Fellowship of Christian Athletes

“The grant from Grace Commons Foundation allowed us to extend a pastoral
residency to a student at Denver Seminary. She is exceptionally good at welcoming
people, cultivating a warm, hospitable space, and making people feel seen.
We find ourselves often taking notice of how her presence has helped grow our
community. We are humbled by what God is doing and it is what we pray to see
more of; people uncertain of where they are at with God or church but finding a
safe place to engage with their faith in the company of others.
“This resident and her husband plan to be involved in church planting in the future,
and she wants to help the local church invest in spiritual formation and discipleship.
We love getting to create space for young people to lead and learn. In particular,
we desire to provide space for women to be encouraged in their callings.
Thank you for helping us live into this dream!”
—Chuck and Katie Fowler, Co-Lead Pastors
Nova Church, Denver

"Through Grace Commons Foundation's grant, Cornerstone brought me on board initially to work with a group of 6th graders. Through weekly gatherings we’ve walked through the ups and downs of their lives, discussing video games, sports, and just about everything else. Two years later, I’m still with these kids and look forward to what God has in store as they enter high school and beyond."It is awesome to grow and learn in my own faith under the leadership of this church. I have discovered that my true passion is leading middle- and high-schoolers on their walk with the Lord."
—Alex Kelly, Youth Ministry Intern,
Cornerstone Church of Boulder Valley

"The grant funding our purchase of a bus has been a game-changer. The Annex Bus has been an important investment for our ministry to college students. It has become the critical link for dozens of students to Jesus and each other."
—Dave Pommer, Director of University Ministries, Grace Commons Church

“The finances of our church were not in a situation where it was feasible to hire a student ministry associate. Grace Commons Foundation’s grant helped us kickstart a staffing initiative and bring on an intern 3 months earlier than we had hoped. The staff member helped run the middle school ministry for a year, where he poured into the lives of kids and leaders.”
—Tyler Adams, Director of Student Ministries Boulder Valley Christian Church

"With the help of the grant from the Grace Commons Foundation, we executed a successful Inaugural Fundraising Gala for the new Boulder Pregnancy Resource Center (BRPC). We doubled our anticipated attendance and raised over $155,000! The event generated much-needed financial support, which extends through new monthly donors. In addition, we have built new relationships and raised awareness in our community of the services BPRC offers. The momentum created by the event will enable us to further our vision of serving people facing critical reproductive choices with hope and healing."
—Connie Weiskopf, Executive Director,
Boulder Pregnancy Resource Center

Grace Commons Foundation's Charitable Approach

Grace Commons Foundation’s approach to giving is based on the commitment to invest in those things that build God’s Kingdom.

Grace Commons Foundation recognizes that there are numerous "Christian" organizations with diverse goals and objectives.

In granting funds, Grace Commons Foundation is committed to demonstrating humility, grace, and mercy as well as using funds in a manner that will glorify God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

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